Scientific Artist & Illustrator

Ayeesha exploring a collection of animal remains in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Ayeesha exploring a collection of animal remains in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica

Ayeesha McComb is a classically trained modern artist that is exploring science illustration using traditional and contemporary techniques. 

Currently working on:

  • Exhibition of Australian birds titled 'Birds of Prey'.

  • Community awareness project of wildlife on the Central Coast.

Recent Awards:

Winner of  2017 Margret Senior Award.
Judges were Australia Parks and Wildlife Service & by acclaimed artists Trevor Weeks and Prue Sailor. 

Preferred mediums:

Although versed in many illustration forms, currently focusing on acrylic and graphite for illustrations and Photoshop for infographics.

‘Art enhances observation and promotes thought. I practise art because I want to truly see the world, and engage fully with it.’ For Yarramalong’s Ayeesha McComb, art has been a constant companion in her dogged exploration of the natural world and all its eccentricities. Having also studied Fine Art and Graphic Art, Ayeesha found Natural History Illustration at UoN to be the perfect fit for her propensity towards attention to detail and relentless inquiry into the true nature of things. She enjoys working in gouache, acrylic and watercolour, but her true passion is graphite. ‘Tonal studies are my absolute love in the art world,’ she says.

Exhibitions and publications


2018  Naturalist , Wattspace Gallery, 12 July - 5 August

2018  Animals in Art and Music, Newcastle Museum, Newcastle 26 April 

2018  Illustrators Alive, Newcastle Museum, Newcastle 14 - 15 April

2017  Natural History Illustration Margret Senior Award, the University Gallery, Callaghan November - Winner
Check out our exhibition work at this link:

2017  Botanica: In Sickness and in Health, Lion Gate Lodge, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney 6 - 28 May

2017  Extinct and Endangered, Willoughby Council exhibition March 

2016  Australia and New Zealand Entomology Competition  

2016  Friends of the University of Newcastle 2016 Student Art Prize, The University Gallery, Callaghan September - October

2016  Australia and New Zealand Entomology Competition  (second place in Black and White Illustration)

2016  Published in University of Newcastle handbook, Art & Design Research Guide 2016 pg23,  with Sea Star poster

2016 Published online in the University of Newcastle's Creative Showcase, Design Showcase

2016  Botanica at Farm Cove, Lion Gate Lodge,  Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney April - May

2016  Extinct and Endangered: When Nature Calls, Maitland Regional Art  Gallery


Natural History Illustration Degree University Of Newcastle
HD average, two subjects before completion

Award School
Completed 2013

Graphic Design Diploma Hornsby TAFE
Completed 2011, concentrated on Illustration, exhibited in Final Year Exhibition

Fine Arts Degree University of Newcastle
Completed 2008, exhibited in Final Year Exhibition 'Segway'

Beiginnings of an artwork - Yarramalong, NSW Australia

Beiginnings of an artwork - Yarramalong, NSW Australia